Chests Spawning no loot

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

When I open up chests on server #2733 they sometimes are completely empty. No inventory slots, no items, no UI, nothing. This has happened to my friends and to other on my server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Chest
  2. Repeat step 1
  3. Repeat step 2
  4. Repeat step 3

Is it that loot wont respawn? That after few hours its still empty? Ať least i have this problem

I heard you have to close that chest or something like that, if chest looks open go in and out /inventory/ and it should reset

It’s the respawn timer. There is a chest very near our main base also on 2733. We can always tell if someone’s been around when it’s empty. Not sure how long respawn is but it seems a very long time. No bugs that I’m aware of ^^

15 min is npc respawn i think, and chests are max 20-30 min, if its not respawning for 6 hours its bug, i mean its solved with server restart, and than it comes again…

i know its xbox bug section but same issue i have on pc, here its solved by closing chest, checking if its closed after you leave inventory

Been a day 1 issue nothing going happen

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Only reason why i say its a bug is because I access a chest and nothing, then my friend would open it and there would be loot. they would leave some stuff in there like stone/wood/fiber, and I would re-open the chest and there still would be nothing.

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