Chests bug, invisible wall

**Game mode: online official
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: Pvp
**Region: europe
**Hardware: xbox x

Bug Description:

Hello everyone, help, I have 15 chests, the most important in the base, which I can no longer open, in any way, not even the hammer detects them, they are one on top of the other close to the wall, even if I remove the roof that supports them remain suspended, I think after the last update, We have tried in every way but nothing, it seems that the game has blocked them, they do not even take damage, inside there is more than a year of play…

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Hi @Morstua

Are you still experiencing this issue? Could you please provide us with a screenshot of what you are seeing when trying to interact with these chests?

Thanks for the answer, always the same situation, we cannot interact with the chests, we do not see information about the chests nor the content, both with the hammer and without, it seems that the game does not recognize them. I attach the screen.

Small update: I have broken all the structures around the chests, they remain suspended in the air, basically there is an invisible wall that does not let me open the chests, it does not even make me approach the wall, the texture keeps me away, I am attaching a photo. The base is located at the dam. Help!! @Dana

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