Choosing Siptah Servers Leads to Old Game Only

So I’ve been trying to connect for hours now. I’ve updated and should be able to get in, but can’t seem to…I choose server maps “Siptah” and end up in the old world each and every time. Am I missing something, where do I find the boat for the trip…I can’t even get there in solo play… what’s up?

First, you have to buy the expansion from Steam.

Second, the isle of siptah is on live servers as an early access expansion. so you need to be playing on live servers, not testlive.

Third, to play online, you need to find a server with the isle of siptah map, it has to be a new server, and you can set the server browser to show only the isle of siptah servers.

And fourth, to play solo, you need to create a new game, if you press continue, you will be sent to the old game that was previously played. Once in a new game you can set it to be played on Siptah or the exiled lands, choose The isle of siptah, and have fun :^)


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