Claiming issues

I have a problem on the official server i’m on (#3606 on ps4) with people claiming parts of the land and almost cutting off access to some materials, such as brimstone, that can’t be found much in other parts of the map.

Youre in luck! You can now screen shot, take names and all kinds of evidence and submit it to Funcom and you can ask those players be banned for doing this.

Yeah, i saw that, but i don’t know how to dm on here so that’s where i’m stuck.

Since youre new to the forums you have to wait I think 48 hours before you can tag someone. Then its just @ them

You also need to read some topics, that is also a factor.

When I tested recently, as long as you interact with the forum a bit (read a few more posts, like the good ones, etc.) it takes 10 - 12 minutes until you can direct message someone.

Edit - just checked, you should already be able to message Ignasis or Hugo with evidence…

Tienes razón

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