Clan emblems can not be accessed on xbox

Can not access new clan emblems from battlepass at the bench. I play on xbox does anyone know how to scroll to the new ones. Also how to change color thanks in advance for any and all help.

You have to unlock a lot of them thru the battle pass it seems to use most of them. You can only use a couple that you start with even though it shows you the ones you havent unlocked yet.

It’s seemingly still bugged. We actually reported the Xbox controller issue of not being able to select the “next” and “previous” designs with the single arrows at launch and it was acknowledged, but yeah…

What works (just tested it again) is to select the double arrows next to it (see image) which then lets you jump to the next page with more designs by pressing A.

Regarding the color, select the small arrows left and right of the color sliders (see image) and press A to move the slider either right or left. Hope that helps!

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