Clan Highrock - Recruiting for [ ps4 ]

hey all ,

i am looking for active players to join Clan Highrock.

Our main aim is Pvp , we are also playing on a EU pvp server , ofcourse also planning on future end game content , bossfights etc. we farm together and raid together , we have 7 active members atm all around lvl 30-40 , clan is still fresh but we have good plans for the future.

looking for active & dedicated players. ( also looking for more builders to be an asset to our main base & Explorers to find new resource farm areas & Thrall encampments. (we have allot more jobs to be filled).

Minimun Requirements : Microphone to talk in party and age above 18.

interested to venture on as a member of the Highrock clan ? Add my PSN : Rollonaire

send me a friend request with the message THC.