Recruiting players for one of the strongest clans on PvP server 3550 for ps4


Our clan has like 5 active players at best and are currently one of the strongest clans if not THE strongest. But we’re at war with pretty much all of the other strong clans with the exception of one, and the clan allied with us hasn’t been able to be on for at least a week and still counting.

So pretty much, we’re in a 5v25.

We’re the best at PvP by far, but they out grind us and out loot us. Plus, we can only get 5 people at once on a good day, it’s usually more like 3.

It’s getting tedious for the players in my clan because even if we dumpster on them, we can’t keep up with their numbers. Every time we try to raid, the clan defending has enough members to match ours and the other clans in their alliance just go and try to offline raid our allies to get us away. Nothing we can do.

So we need members, especially because the people in my clan don’t want to dedicate 100% of our time keeping up with the no-life grinders in the other alliance.

We mainly just care about your personality because we care about the friendliness among clan members more than anything. Meanwhile the other alliance just recruits literally anybody they can find lol.

So if you’re interested, we have pretty much everything you will need and are pretty welcoming and easy going. We just need more bodies for PvP and want more people we like in our clan.


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My clan has two active players and that’s including myself. We are kind of newish to the server but already lvl 60 because we are heavy grinders. We haven’t attacked anyone but there is a clan that had attacked us once, so we moved. There was 8 of them and only two of us. We are Looking For more ally clans, if you’re interested.