Clan recruitment server 3555 PS4 serious player only


we are looking for players to join our clan. we currently have 5 slots open. looking for fighters mainly. we are respectful and fun to play with. when we go to war all jokes are set aside and we focus on what we have to do.

Farmers and builder are welcome, no age restrictions, must have mic . if your a farmer mic is not necessary.(serious player only)

you can contact me here or on my psn Dimakool94

Thank you

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Ill join, I am a fighter. I think I might have a character on 3555 already too! :slight_smile:

What are you up against? What is the situation on the server?

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can you message me on my psn Dimakool94

you think im stupid rot

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we are outnumbered by double we fight good just dnt have the numbers

Yeah I can fight but my mic is broken I’m waiting on my next paycheck to buy a new one. Idk if that matters. I can farm too if needed. I won’t be on til Monday I’m out of town on business. I will hit you up on PSN when I get back.

yea bro np

Whats with the undermesh base? Can’t you be banned for using that exploit Mr Dimakool? we have SS of it btw so…

You mean what under mesh… rofl they got raided while trying to under mesh and still lost their stuff…ouch… cant even cheat and survive…

you guys dont fight with even number you bring in sister and brother clans to fight a clan of 2 and huno 4. and when we do fight 1v1 you die . you have no honor jus ike that time rot to a knee fo you and me to fight 1v1 then when i was about to kill you trashcan man come up with daggers behind me yea your trash

Demi, I have killed you numerous times 1v1… So has most of my clan. Also, the reason you were outnumbered towards the end is because we wiped all of your allies; Karma, Fruitcakes etc… Even most of your own clan left after we destroyed you guys. It is not our fault that we systematically won the war. I think it is time for you to find a new server. (seems like you have on 3821 already.)

you never killed me 1v1 only way u kill me is if your in a group . rot your trash always going full combo lol

its called bait dumb dumb and I have killed you so many times lol. I think the last time 1v1 was while you were on the beach by huno base and you also had a thrall with you. I killed you as you were running to water. GG

Anytime you want these hands bro we can 1v1. 3821 3555 or wherever. I just dont want to hear your typical excuses when i give you an L

your full of it i dnt bring thralls to fight

silverback is a good fighter, your easy to kill expectantly with your full combos lol

Like I said, anytime you want a 1v1 I will shut you up.

dnt worry rot ill see you around lmao

I figure as much. Curious why you still have commented on your under mesh base tactics? Why do you avoid the subject? Maybe because you know its true and you can get banned? interesting! If you like I can post the screen shots.