[PS4][Clan Recruiting] Official PvP Server Clan/powerlevel available

We are a 5 player clan of highly active and experienced players looking to fill our ranks with players of the same likeness. 18+ please, and please dont be a snowflake! We will interview each player prior to giving out server info and test the players skills before powerleveling the players to 60.

Our official PvP server is very active and fresh, the old alphas have gone inactive and bases have been deconstructed. At the moment there is no real alpha, and no real conflict (a PvP server stuck in PvE mode lol) however during peak times the server is nearly full, and major conflict is inevitable.

We are an English speaking clan comprised of some crusty old military vets, a chill as f*** 16 year old, and a chick who is also chill as f***. We are all very good at this game and in line to be the next alphas. We are already regarded as a top 3 clan (by all players on the server) even though there are 4 other clans on the server that have 10/10 players, we are only 5.

We are looking for VERY active and VERY skilled players who have thick skin and do not get easily offended, who do not need extensive training, and can step into the server and be an immediate asset to our clan. If you want conan style excitement and entertainment, you need to join us.

We have 4 bases in 4 biomes 3 of which are incredibly good spots. We are also ready for war with full loadouts of everything we need to be at the top of our game when this war inevitably breaks out.

If you think you fit what we are looking for and want to pursue our elaborate PVP environment then please contact me on reddit, with a brief summary of who you are, how active you are, your conan experience, and why you want to join us. I will get back to you asap.

P.S. we have like almost no tolerance for BS drama, so keep your drama queen butt locked up while you game with us.

Am I blind or just braindead rn? Or did you not give any info to contact u on Reddit?

you’re not blind or braindead, the moron OP posted an entire essay and the tard forgot to include any contact information :joy::rofl: