[PS4] [NA] [PvP Offical] Adult Clan Recruiting 4 spots

PS4 clan recruiting North American adult PvP Official server. Well established clan, multiple 60s, base and outposts already setup. We are currently the Beta clan looking to take alpha. 4 core members online daily with another 2 that log on weekly. We will help boost you up quickly.

-No squeakers
-Must have mic
-Must be 21+
-Must play a few hours daily

Looking for members that are experienced in survival end game content, previous high level Conan Exiles and or ARK experience is preferred. If you are interested comment here with your PSN ID and I will contact you for an interview.

PSN I’d is ReaperOne11. Currently have my own server and played with a buddy. Thought I knew more people that would play but that did not pan out. At lvlt 55 currently as I enjoyed learning the game. Hit me up if you have an open spot. Feel free to join my server and check it or what I have done out as I have learned. Use keyword Foster in search bar. Msg me for pw.

Sent you a message to your PSN ID, Reaper.

Are you still looking for people for your clan

just -teuf to my name here


Lanrete 247 …Most days online …Game Fiend .What i dont know i read.Highly active.

Psn is ExzironGerth I played thru to 60 I’m into optimized builds, efficient farming, and strategic building. Also like to pvp. Actively looking for a good clan…alpha clans on my first server were full…I’m not looking to be 2nd best