Clan Recruiting (PC) Come Join our Team


Hi all,
My Clan has been playing since Early Access and looking for players to join us. We are on an Official PvP US Server.

*We want to create a second clan with 10 new spots. We are looking for leaders and and people who will be dedicated to the clan. T3 Resources, weapons, T3/Named thralls and armor/weapons will be provided to our second Clan.

Rules of the Clan:
*We ask for maturity, and the ability to handle constructive criticism.
*Be a part of the Clan and the community.
*Listen to the Officers
*Respect your Clan

**If you are interested being part of our clan please send me a message.



Welcome to the clan!


hey brother me and my wife would love to join you and your tribe, we are both 23 years old and both college grads so im assuming thats the maturity your looking for, we play around 10-12 hours a day sometimes more, add me on discord if you want to talk Wolf#0931


I am interested. Active mostly from 8pm to 12 PM east coast. Looking for good mature group and I’m an easy going solid team player.


I am interested , add me on discord Pinejon#9671


Hey man,

       I am interested in joining your clan.  I am mostly active after 8pm est.


Hey, I’m always looking for a lagless server/clan area what server??


I;m interested. add me on discord to discuss more Heshheshin#1982.


He hasn’t answered me I hope he gets ahold of you!!


hi can i join you plzzzz i put in a lot of time in to game so if you want me add me on discord byjeed#8157