Clarification on the Khari and formation of Stygia

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I find it a bit odd that the Khari, after being overthrown by their own slaves the Lemurians, fled west to reform a new home in what was once, in ancient past, the place of a great war between the Giant Kings and – their own former slaves the Lemurians? Huhh?? Does anyone see why that sounds like a continuity error. It would seem more natural if the Lemurians, striking westward to find a new home after their victory, encountered and chased remaining remnants of the Khari - not the other way around.

Also, there’s posts mentioning that the Giant Kings originally inhabited Stygia. This goes against my prior understanding that the Giant Kings’ kingdom was prior unknown and undiscovered until more “modern times” in the Conan universe, where Thoth Amon discovered its uses and began the exporting of treasure hunters for its exploit.

It would seem odd to me that the Giant Kings lands would be in the middle of a bordered kingdom all that time, for example if the US was Stygia and there was an undiscovered civilization sitting in our Nevada desert region.

This video takes a guess at the location of the Exile Lands, which he places in the northern continent by matching geography. But obviously just the author’s opinion.

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Considering that the Exiled Lands has areas with lush jungles and arctic glaciers within walking distance of each other, I wouldn’t think too hard about its placement on any world map.

Also, the whole Khari/Giant-Kings business is apocryphal at best. The name Khari, as far as I know, is post-Howardian, and the “pre-human civilization” Howard mentions in his essay The Hyborian Age could’ve been the Giant-Kings, or something else altogether.

What goes on in the Exiled Lands is Funcom’s interpretation based on a small handful of very vague mentions in a couple of Howard’s notes, and a smattering of later researchers’ and authors’ attempts to make sense out of it all and sometimes expand on the lore. (Also worth mentioning that even Howard’s own stories include some continuity errors or possible retcons, as the whole Hyborian Age grew in steps while he was writing about Conan.)


I really enjoy these posts , through them I learn more things about the base of the game :+1:


The Giant Kings never fought the Lemurians. The Lemurian slaves eventually rose up to create the empire of Khitai. The Khari are the ones who fought and defeated the Giant Kings and founded the nation of Stygia.

As for your question about them inhabiting Stygia, durring the Thurian Age the Seven great kingdoms were located north of and east of Stygia and after the cataclysm aside from Stygia and the kingdom of the Khari to the far east the rest fell into complete ruin. All history and knowledge of them were destroyed. When the former Khari, who by the time they made it to Stygia probably did not even call themselves Khari any longer, defeated the Giant Kings they sacked their lands and destroyed most of the knowledge the Giant Kings had collected.

As for where the Giant Kings lands (Stygia) is located (or even Acheron which they founded after being chased out of Stygia) the lands around them were for the most part rather primitive. The lands of what would become North Africa in the Turian Age or even the Hyborian Age were never as advanced as that of what would become Europe and the Giant Kings kept the people in a more primitive state in order to keep them as slaves. Even while they were in southern Europe they tried to keep they Hyborian people in a more primitive state and keep them as slaves as well. But their numbers were smaller due to their defeat at the hands of the Khari/Stygians and subsequent border wars with Stygia and the great migration of Hyborian barbarians moving southwards was just to much for them. They were destroyed and became extinct, except for some nobility which intermixed with the Stygian nobility none exist any longer.


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