Do other races exist in the Conan lore?

What? No?

I have. Bold assumption I haven’t. Where’s your source on this?

The game explicitly states that it’s the lemurians who are in the exiled lands and are the ones who revolted to form stygia. The books also corroborate this. The pre-human kingdom referenced in the hyborian age is the giant kings, not the khari. Your article has no sources linked whatsoever and therefore I have my doubts on it’s legitimacy given it contradicts the books.

Which books are you referring to? The original stories written by Robert E. Howard? He never once claims that the Lemurians formed Stygia and the article I referenced only uses sourced from the works of Mr. Howard. Also, it clearly states that the Giant Kings ARE the ones who are living in what is to become Stygia, it is the remnants of the Khari who the enslaved decedents of the Lemurians revolted against and drove out of their homeland that conquered the Giant Kings and took on their worship of Set. And if you read the article it gives many sources all of which are within the works of Robert E. Howard himself, not the programmers of Funcom. I personally have found flaws in several things they have done on Conan Exiles as well as Age of Conan but I honestly do not care because I have enjoyed the hell out of both games. :slight_smile: And in the end, unless Robert E. Howard comes back to life no one will know for certain exactly what happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m retracting this post. I found some interesting things going back and re-reading. I’ll admit I’m not entirely right, but we should discuss this privately. I’ll DM you

Actually, if you look at the Hyborian Age essay written by Robert E. Howard he clearly states “Now the Lemurians enter history again as Hyrkanians.”. Ok, I was off slightly that they did not start Khitai, but Hyrkania which were the neighbors of Khtai. Geographically I was slightly off. However, VASTLY far away from Stygia. In fact, the furthest west the Hyrkanians had pushed was the group which would start their own empire and name themselves Turan. Still, not far enough to com into contact with Stygia. So again, Robert E. Howard’s own essay which you point out clearly contradicts your claim. “Through the centuries they have pushed steadily westward, and now a tribe skirts the southern end of the great inland sea—Vilayet—and establishes the kingdom of Turan on the southwestern shore.” Also, in that same essay you will see “Far to the east, the Lemurians, levelled almost to a bestial plane themselves by the brutishness of their slavery, have risen and destroyed their masters. They are savages stalking among the ruins of a strange civilization. The survivors of that civilization, who have escaped the fury of their slaves, have come westward. They fall upon that mysterious pre-human kingdom of the south and overthrow it, substituting their own culture, modified by contact with the older one. The newer kingdom is called Stygia, and remnants of the older nation seemed to have survived, and even been worshiped, after the race as a whole had been destroyed.” So he clearly states that while the people who had previously enslaved the Lemurians, whom the person I had posted a link to named as the Khari, were forced to flee having to escape the savagery of their former slaves, the Lemurans who are to become the Hrykanians, would then fall upon the pre-human kingdom of what would become Stygia, aka the Giant Kings. So, actually, the essay you pointed out proved my point for me. :smiley: Link here

I’ll admit, I got trigger happy with my response. I went back and reread it for a third time now after posting, and have since retracted that post. I’ll cede defeat and admit I was wrong, I do apologize. This requires more thought because I’ve also just had the crushing realization the game itself is also wrong

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heehee it’s not about being right or wrong and do not worry, I never took it personally. I love discussing lore. :smiley:

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I’ve created a separate discord server outside of the main unofficial one to discuss the lore and it’s inconsistencies. We have an interesting working theory as to why the game may have a false history. If you’d be interested in joining, I can DM you an invite link. I hope we can discuss this civilly and learn a lot

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tosses over a table CIVILLY! Sure that sounds fun.


The hyborian world was made before tolkien’s middle earth, i believe, there are no elf, hobbit or dwarf running around, Hyborya is more like the real world with a bit of fantasy. it’s a genre called Sword & Sorcery, where magic is bad, civilization is always corrupted and there is a lot of danger in it.

I love that there are no fantasy races in this world, not playable at least, i’m very tired of the same generic fantasy that you see in every medieval fantasy world.

But if you wanted to play a dwarf, make a short character with the largest beard equip yourself a 2h hammer or axe and viking styled armor and there you go, insta generic dwarf-like character.

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The Hobbit, which predates the LOTR series, was first published in 1937. The Phoenix on the Sword, one of the Conan stories, was published in 1932. Now, Robert E. Howard was already writing in this world, albeit in the Thurian Age which pre-dates the Hyborian Age and The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune featuring Kull of Atlantis was first published in 1929. So, the notion of Elves and Dwarves and Goblins and things although already existed in fairy tales and Robert E. Howard was very much aware of them they did not really exist in a fantasy setting in novelized fiction yet.

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Weren’t pre Sygians in Stygia actually serpent men? In his essay on Hyborian Age Howard talks about ancestors of Stygians coming from east after their Lemurian slaves rebelled, and then they took over Stygia. Which is why Sytgian nobles are a bit paler.

There is no evidence to indicate that they were serpent-men. In fact, there is no evidence to indicate that the serpent-men even still existed by the time of the Hyborian Age. They were already near extinction when Kull swore to exterminate them and now that man kind was aware of their existence, and how to spot them hiding in their midst, it is likely he made good on that promise. Where as if you read the descriptions of the Giant-Kings and various other people such as Akivasha you find very distinct commonalities which would lead to the conclusion that the Giant-Kings were in fact the pre-human race living in the region which would become known as Stygia. I have previously posted a link which goes more in depth into that analysis.

This is the conclusion I came to, too, and I think I heard someone on the internet say that they had heard that was Funcom’s intention, too, although my memory is a bit fuzzy on that. In other words, in the context of the Internet, “a totally reliable source”.

Howard actually made a sort of continuity error between Akivasha and The Hyborean Age essay - Akivasha would be too old based on what she said - but Howard didn’t really worry about such inconsistencies, and happily retconned some of his own ideas without going back and fixing the earlier texts (which would’ve been kinda difficult with the technology in his day).

There are plenty of wizards, witches, skeletons, giant sea monsters for Conan to punch. no Dwarves or Elves tho.

What exactly would make Akivasha to old? Her age actually fits perfectly as she is NOT Stygian at all. She is in fact a Giant-King who Conan mistakes as being Stygian as she looks very similar to the Stygian nobility (who are mixed with the Giant-Kings) but there are distinct differences, such as the fact that she moves in a rather serpentine manner which a normal full blooded human (or even mixed blooded human) would not. That is just one of the examples.

And there in lies my dislike of Funcoms depiction of the Giant-Kings. If you read the source materials they do not look anything like they do in Conan Exiles no are they nearly as large. But, it is their game and they have artistic control so I deal. :smiley:

As written in Hour of the Dragon: “ten thousand years had rolled their cycles since the daughter of Tuthamon had reveled in purple feasts amid the black halls of ancient Luxur.” This would place the wild parties of her youth in the Thurian Age. So you suggest that this Tuthamon was actually top brass in the “mysterious civilization, unconnected to the Thurian culture, and apparently pre-human in its nature” as Howard describes in The Hyborian Age?

As far as I know, that’s all Howard wrote about the pre-human civilization, (Well, and that they were conquered by the people who had been overthrown by the Lemurians and who we now know as the Khari, although Howard never named them). so I’d be interested in the source materials about them you’re referring to. Or rather, the sources Dale Rippke of REHupa fame (assuming that’s not you) used in his The First Great Migration which you linked earlier, which on its own looks more like fan fiction rather than a real attempt to knit together bits and pieces of Howardian details that he probably never wrote with any intention of cohesion in mind.

Btw - Why Nemedians aren’t in the game?

They’re Hyborians. Like Aquilonians, Kothians, Ophireans, Argoseans, Corinthians and some others.

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LOL No, that is most certainly not me. :smiley:

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