Close Trello if dont use it

When a tool not is used, the best of you can it, its close it.

trello board is a fantastic tool for understand development/patch progress, but dont announce it if after 2 weeks the informatión doesn´t updated.

There is an activity tracker that instantly disproves your claim of 2 weeks and no activity. There was also a huge patch 2 days ago.

You also might want to read the latest posts in the news section with regards to what’s coming up over the next couple of weeks, and it has to do with major bugs that have been sitting in the in development section of the Trello board, because it’s been in development. Not sure what the problem here is.

There’s no problem. OP just made a mistake is all, it happens.

I try going through Trello at very least once a week to update or move things around that have updated. Just as Multigun mentioned, we fixed a ton of stuff recently! It won’t all be on the Trello board but you can see things we fixed under “patched issues”. And a lot of issues under “for prioritization” and “under development” take time to implement. :slight_smile:


Ty by answers.

i understand that a few days with you over “encumbrered”, but it was seem abandoned, im happy if you want use it.

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