Dev "to do:" list

could we get a locked sticky for this plz? it could be an insulated communication that would save lotsa reposts about old stuff, it dont gotta be in any order… maybe poll some of what goes on it?

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  • Allow battelmetrics to work again, to choose a server.
  • Unhide player list, for better server community.
  • Fix 4th accuracy perk.
  • Fix bombs and trebs (like it was before!).
  • Fence foundation must be fixed on a foundation, else stability 0.
  • Fix sand storm.
  • Fix undermesh.
  • Limit building parts per player, same for animals and thralls.
  • Land claim is activated starting 4x4 foundations. To stop foundations spam.
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I would have a list, too. My list of wishes. I am sure, there are more people with their wishlists, but would we all agree with our wishlists?

Some are suggestions, some are bugreports, and here starts the problem from my perspective… How should this tourlou tourlou be proceeded by the team? Maybe that´s why in the bugs section they ask for NO listings:

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theres plenty of rando players lists, i mean for the devs to let us in on their to do list so we stop askin for the same stuff 8]


I think it’s a good idea. Like a bug tracker +

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It kind of already exists on the wiki:

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They do. It has reports, stuff they’re working on, stuff they need info on, and you can even vote on what issues you’d like to focus on:


This is going in my browser bookmarks

lol i didnt know, sweet, thx 8D

my wonder is what are they working on … do we have anything confirmed been a long time since ive heard anything from funcom ?

@Taemien @bbtech @jistsomeguy Please note, this tool is currently not being used, as focus is elsewhere. This is also why it is no longer linked under update threads.


@Muppetish I am the only one maintaining the Upcoming features page. The wiki is also not meant for listing bugs, but it may occasionally list common issues and workarounds. Furthermore, I don’t check if they have been fixed. As such, the list of planned bug fixes may not be up-to-date. They are subject to removal essentially.

@Dragoonduneman they’re currently working on a console parity patch. I don’t always add these -or hotfixes- to the Upcoming features page, as they usually almost match up with a PC patch and do not introduce any new content.

Sidenote, this parity patch has been added to the Upcoming features page.

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does the new pc patch fix the npc nametags so we can see who we are gonna ko?

I’ve created a thread on this issue with some questions and possible solutions to help the developers identify your issue.

In the future, try searching the patch notes and forums in general for similar issues first :wink:

My problem is I never use the right keywords. A good example is I tried to report an issue where I couldn’t remove items from my inventory. After a relog, there were items in my inventory that I didn’t know were there before. This is an old bug, and people call it “invisible items in inventory”, but in my brain it’s “can’t remove items from my inventory” :blush:

One thing to do is typing out “not” to make sure it understands what you’re saying, although this may not really matter in most advanced search engines such as the one Discourse is using (you can try it yourself of course).

Did you think of “items stay in inventory”? This gives a few possibly relevant results. They may not have the best answers however.

There is no way I would think that. Once I see something a certain way, I fixate. I get “tunnel vision” and can’t see other things outside of it. Lol. I appreciate the suggestions, though.

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They should do exactly this. Have a thread locked with a iframe of the trello.

You have to be really patient to scroll through a small window with lots of items. It can also be somewhat dodgy on certain devices / resolutions.
I understand the suggestion though (and you can always go straight to the trello through it).

Unfortunately people complain about not being able to see it when the links are given. It just be another way of viewing not the best way to your point.