About a ban ingame... and another bug

So, 2 parts on this thread :

1- On Aqueduc - Bugged Foundations (not removable)

That bug I have mentioned it by the Report system, I never received any answer and it was never solutioned.

2- I’m currently banned from Conan Exiles until 16th of June.
Why? “Bypassing the building rules”, apparently because I was considered blocking constructions or ressources access.

I’m frankly disappointed, because if it is about those bugged foundations, I had sent 2 times reports & never had any answer & solutions brought ingame by GMs.

Also, I had an issue with the Vanir clan, on the PVE-C serveur 1043 : they blocked me with their construction 2 passages & I was obligated to make a high detour.
I reported them & I admit that ingame I answered to Vanir clan by overblocking ONE of the two passages.

Aswell, I never received any answer & solution ingame from the GMs.

And that lack of answer & solutions about various issues & after so many reports are really disapointing me because I have that bad feeling that when I do a report, it has no consequences, but when someone else is doing it, the answer (& ban) seem to be really quick.

I feel some injustice, because if really GMs would have made their job, everything would have been cool & quiet.

I doubt to come back & invest another bunch of time in Conan Exiles.
Because GMs in that particular game seem to not worth the time & disrespect customers by their lack of reaction or overreaction, depending the circonstances.

Too sad.

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