Developer working on list available (not meaning test server)?

Any chance I missed it ? If not may we have a to do, working on , and shelved list for Conan exiles Please ? For a serious lack of a better term: A Roadmap for the game.

This would also help with all the “dead game” business .

2.8 is the most we’ve got. 3.0 has some stuff they are keeping a lid on. I wouldn’t expect them to have a roadmap. There’s two reasons for that. First one is when they fall behind (its impossible to predict how long a new feature will take) people complain. Next one is you never know how features will turn out or get cut or delayed because of other features.

Fine. And those cuts and delays will be visible. People will complain anyway so that is a no go argument (pointless), however they will be more upset (angry (some), annoyed) with silence. With silence come license to speculate on reasons and possiblity.

The gamers (also customers) of now will read information that is available and assign opinion (and their money) on what it contains. No offical information and the rumormill becomes King and the authority on information.

Guess we’ll see. We saw what roadmaps did in the past.

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