Co-Op Issue: Cross Gen or Just The Game Probs?

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Hard to say. Crash and Bug.
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United States
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Well, I have played with my brother (PS5/Host) and one other person (PS4). No problems.

When I try to play with PS4, either immediately or within an hour I am kicked off and told session doesn’t exist. Can’t rejoin. Same message always. Sometimes I’m tricked and it’ll do it after it appears it is loading me back in. We gave up after many attempts.

So I tried to invite them. Just got Siptah the other day, had them join me, and apparently their world is pitch black, except you can see the ocean. They couldn’t see me unless I pulled a torch out, even though in my game it was the middle of the day.

Didn’t matter if we restarted our consoles, rebooted modems, hard reset, nothing works. Can play with my brother though (???).

Also when we join chat, get lots of network issues, although THAT I’m not convinced is due to Conan since it isn’t using proximity chat or something, but I thought I’d mention it just incase.

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To be able to Co-Op Conan.:kissing:

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Just turning it on with PS4 as host. Kicked constantly. Not the connection as far as I can tell, but it is very consistent. Just not sure if it’s a problem with consoles meahing or what.

As for them joining me in Siptah, that is most definitely a weird glitch, as described. Hopefully this has been recorded before and I can hope it’s on the Patch notes as a fix in the future.

Edit/Note: “Meahing” is the gailic typo for “Meshing”. I don’t know why I decided it was gailic. Also pretty sure I’m mispelling gailic. Gallic? Gaelic? Garlic? I’m tired.

The picture on this thread reflects what my roommate saw. Atleast here is a visual reflecting the problem.

Edit: Forgot to add link.:kissing:

Learning how to link here, not trying to spam, just trying to get the specific link/quote I need.

In regards to being kicked, they changed their DNS Settings and we were able to play for a good length of time for once.
So if you have a similar problem, check your Network settings and tweak things. Maybe set to automatic. Dunno if THE fix, but something to check. He changed his DNS to automatic and suddenly things appeared fine.

I’m going to be away for a while, so I won’t be able to see if it stays consistent.

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