Conan exiles ps4 graphic bug(unplayable)

Wondering if anyone can help… long story short my main account was suspended for reasons unknown a couple weeks ago. I’ve been playing on my alternate account in the mean time. After this last buggy update I decided to reinstall the game. (Which was a mistake). I had to buy the game again for $20 and when it was done downloading, I logged into the official siptah server I was playing on and after a few blue screens I finally managed to spawn onto the base. Bigger problem is when I look out at the surrounding landscape it is extremely dark and full of graphic bugs. If I try and go anywhere other than inside my base it will eventually blue screen me. I tried reinstalling it again and same thing. I’m guessing it has something to do with my main account being suspended but I really have no idea. It seems to be just siptah that is giving me the graphic issues.

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Ah, this is what my roommate got when they loaded into my game on Siptah. Except they could see the ocean, while everything else was black. Also on the crimes when they made their character, it was extremely difficult to read their crimes. They have a PS4.

Can I link to your post in my bug report…?

Sure. It did end up fixing itself after reinstalling the game like 4 times

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