Collision too large on everything

Game mode: single or online
Problem: collision is mapped wrong
Region: everywhere

I was just curious why everything’s collission box is twice the size of the object? For example you can barely put all the King’s Game pieces on the board because the pieces collision box is twice if not three times the size of the object. We were pretty excited to see a mini gane but the pieces barely fit on the board, especially the white infantry. After you made these did you even try to set the board??? A lot of the decorative things in this game are the same way, not to mention some mountain faces, rocks and trees. Then there’s the opposite where following animals will run right on top of you and get you stuck inside them, making you have to guard them away from you to get free.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into the game
  2. Craft anything
  3. Try to put it close to something.

Can’t 100% confirm this since I only play on PC, but this has most likely something to do with a current bug regarding placeables/decorations which is in the progress of being fixed with one of the next bigger updates (fingers crossed). See also this thread for more info:

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Hi @Brizza, we’re aware of both the issue with the placement of certain items and how it’s possible for players to get stuck inside certain enemies’ meshes, they will be addressed in a future patch.


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