Placables not placing correctly

The placables are no longer placing correctly. I used to fit 12-16 glasses/cups on a shelf, now only 5. Pillows-was 8 on a seat, now only 3. Kings board, pieces don’t set in their proper squares.

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The dev team is aware of this issue and are looking into it. It’s indeed extremely annoying and we’re all hoping for a fix soon. See also this thread for more info:

Is this also why the aqualonian statues no longer fit as tightly as they used? Once upon a time I could put them half in walls or fit them in almost everywhere. Made them seem like part of the building, I loved it. Now they require at least a full square to place and must be clear of all walls.

I can’t speak for the statues, just that pretty much every placeable snaps to something now, at least from our experience. For example I couldn’t easily place things on a table or shelf anymore, as the items snappend either to the building’s wall or edge of the furniture. Similar with already having one placeable somewhere and trying to place another one close next to it, it either snaps right onto it or you have to place it further away. So it might indeed be related to the statues as well, as what you describe sounds very restrictive.

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