Please check placement boxes on your placables

Lately i have seen more and more placeables who have boxes like this throne. I have the feeling that your 3d artists put out nice stand alone items but forget that they have to be placed in the game. It should be a requirement that a placeable should be able to be placed against a wall before its put into the game


I had this issue with the shackles. It worked fine in one place, but not another. I believe the difference is the front or backside of the wall. Notice that you’re placing it inside against the backside of the wall. The shackles had this issue against the wall like that, but partially submerged into the wall on the frontside. Try flipping the wall and testing it. I may be wrong, but I think it might be the wall that’s the issue.

That was a great suggestion so i immediately tried it thinking i could place it and then turn the wall around afterwards. But sadly …

Try picking it up and starting fresh.

It’s so odd that it’s mostly new placeables with absurd sized boxes, when older items in game can be placed against the walls with so little difficulty.


Even stacking benches or other placeables on top of each other. All new ones are impossible to achieve the same.


The second picture is just a wall i just put up in my “courtyard” and a throne i just placed. The white see trough one has enough resources to build but its not placeable so i count that as fresh.

No, pick up the other one and put it down again i mean. Sometimes it can interfere with the previous and other times you just gotta start over due to a glitch.

Maybe were not understanding each other. I went down into my courtyard put up a whole new wall piece and then put a throne in front of it. These were not the same items as in the first picture but new ones and i was not able to put the throne snug near the wall. But its more that it is getting common where new items are not able to fit snug to walls making for an annoyed Blyker in game!

If you have the stable set, try changing the wall to a support, move your throne closer, then change the support back to a wall. It works with other items. :tumbler_glass:


Ah… I was just looking at the image and saw it already placed. Oh well. Yeah, try what @everybodyvsME suggested as well. The wooden strut and stable gates can be very versatile for glitching your builds to work more in your favor.

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Do not talk about the good building techniques.
This one does not want them to become priorities for “bug fixes”.

Thing is that those workarounds would not be needed if they just revisited the 3 model after they designed it and adjusted the sculpting box that it is in so that it hits the actual model allowing us to place it flush against others.

Lol… only if PvP complains. They’ve shared people’s builds plenty of times on social media that use them.

Yesterday’s endorsement is no guarantee of tomorrow’s tolerance.

Yeah. Old armorer’s benches and wardrobes, for example, even sink into walls a little, for snug placement. Makes for a much tidier-looking base. And vacuum-cleaning from behind furniture is always such a bother.

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