New Bench placement boxes are not fixed, despite patch note claim

Despite Funcoms claims that placement boxes for the new benches were fixed via patch, this is not true. They are still far to big and an alignment to walls is impossible as with this example of the blacksmith bench
You can’t go closer to the wall, please fix that. Wonder why you bother with testlive at all, it has been reported there as well.


I have encountered similar placement issues.

Some of the newest benches are floating above ceiling pieces(stormglass), if i try to lower them then i get the overlaping message and i cant place them.

If i place the benches on foundations everything is ok, no floating.

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Building a floor base, then putting the workstations down, then building the walls and roof is the way to go with the new benches, stop trying to shove them into your existing building space. Seriously, what does it take to build an add on or new building in CE? Maybe 10 minutes?

And we all know this game is based on reality, not fiction. And we aren’t adding a fluffly pink couch, but a massive furnace that goes up three stories.

I wouldn’t mind a pink fluffy couch though xD

It’s a good temporary workaround, I didn’t know you could place the walls after and it would fit fine although I use the less building restrictions mod so this doesn’t actually bother me anyway :sweat_smile:

But I agree with the above players, it shouldn’t be a permanent workaround for an unintended bug, which reminds me the OP probably should have placed this in the bugs section of the forums >.>

Well the OP wants to snug up the bench against the wall. The footprint of some of these new benches/workstations IS rather large, but it is not game breaking, just annoying…lol.

It’S a simple Blacksmith workbench, no the monster furnace. Where is the problem, if people say rightfully that they want to be able to align furniture/benches to the walls?
I am just alerting funcom, that it is not working as intended

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