Trouble placing work benches on Flotsam foundations (update with fix)

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online official
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Server type: [SELECT ONE]| PvE-Conflict
Region: isle of siptah (EU)
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Edition: [ Select one: Steam

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I want to place different kind of benches on the Flotsam foundation that I placed, and eventhough the bench siloutte is green (whilst trying to place the bench) and no error is being showed, the game doesn’t let me place it.

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  1. Step 1: build Flotsam foundation (to be as precisly as my setup make them 2 high and in 4 rows of 6
  2. Step 2: try to build WORK benches (any kind) nicely into the corners

Hope this is enough info and that it can be found and fixed. Have a good day!

UPDATE: Apparently it seems to be working when I stand FAR away from where I want to place the benches.
I guess I was too close to where I wanted to place them but the game didn’t tell me that (neither did it feel like I would have been too close as well).


Yup… this happens a lot! Players can usually get past it but it’s a bit frustrating.

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