Crafting stations building restrictions

I noticed this long ago, that many crafting benches have completely different placing restrictions and to me it makes no sense.

For example: Why is it possible to place your dismantling bench almost into the wall, meanwhile feeding box needs almost 1,5 foundations size of free space from all sides for player to be able to place it?

Similar thing with grandmaster workbenches. They are already big, high and clumsy, to fit into smaller bases, but in addition it is not possible to place them close to the walls. It is aesthetically ugly when something like this is meant to be built-in the wall (many of those actually has it’s own wall and bricks, so you put those in the corner, etc), but in reality there has to be a gap between the wall and the workbench, which looks everything but good.

Is it like this on purpose, or is it possible to be changed in future? And I don’t mean with mods, but in core game, so it works also for online players.

Example of nonsensical restriction:

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There are other stupid restrictions as well.
For example, altars cannot be placed perfectly straight on a wide and flat surface, parallel to the lines of the foundations. No, they need to be put a little crooked! Why?
The same goes for placing a chest on a chest. It cannot be placed exactly, corner to corner and wall to wall, it can only be crooked and oblique.
As mods show, these restrictions can be easily removed.

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