Come and join us - PvP, RP, PC

Come and join our exciting PvP, RP server (PC, with rules). We offer an incredibly unique server to most, with lots of perks. Clans and solos looking for team-mates! A kingdom looking for a King/Queen!

This server was founded by admins who wanted more from Officials than raid after raid and had many ideas on how to enjoy the game more.

We pride ourselves on our RP here. Whether you are a novice or an expert in RP, we welcome you. For beginners we have PvE immunity for 2 weeks should you wish.

Our unique content involves:

Seven Kingdoms (with hubs to port around the map with)

Server and player events

XP boosts


Fully working occupations and roles with payments


Mild Magic

Mild Mystical content

Server/player stories

Admin only content rolled out in all the above

A working economy

A prison system

We also have:

An arena

Dungeons (with more in the pipeline)

End game Bosses

RP based mods

Friendly, active mods and admin

Start kits

Perma-death kits

A nice, friendly population for US and European players (it’s never quiet!)

SPOILER Coming soon:

A bank