PC server - RP PVP with limited raiding :)

Searching for new staff, various roles

We have a friendly community from Europe, American and even Oz!

New Lordore – A relaxed roleplay server with some very mild (mostly canon) fantasy. We have a friendly and mature community here. We are perfect for newbies to the game/to PvP/RP.

Active friendly staff

Kingdom warfare! Some Kingdoms are still available for the taking (do with your Kingdom what you will!)

Strict Raid/theft rules and raid times (if you usually play PvE and want to give a friendly PvP server a try, we are the one)

Starter kits + boost gems

Auctions, quests, dungeons, end game content

Bank with working economy

Small number of mods perfect for RP and extra content

Want to be a criminal and try not to be caught? Or perhaps you want to be the one to catch criminals? We have a working Prison for the job.

Kingdom hubs with fast travel

Player markets allowed

We try no t to do wipes

Occupations and Roles to give extra money and exclusive items

Extra details include x2 rates with x5 event boosts, EU server , 6pm-12am weekday raid times, weekends are extended, Exiled Lands

Some players searching for people to team up with


Wiki: https://youneedawiki.com/app/page/19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj?p=19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj