Come Join The Fun on Official Server #1545 PvP

Hey all,
Just wanted to invite you to come play on Official PvP Server #1545. We are the alpha clan on the server and wiped out both of the previous troll alpha clans.

This is probably one of the few servers you can start on without being raided at level 10 over and over. We love PvP and are making a 1v1 PvP Arena, and some other cool stuff, hope to see you there!

Sounds like it could be fun bought the game when it first came out and never really played due to lack of friends interested in the game

I am currently the king of pvp server 1535. I might come to your server and take your crown one of these days.

You emptied a server and now you want new people to populate what you already dominate so you don’t have to level up on a new server?

And also even suggestion an arena is quite noobish so somehow I think you’re not a very good player at all.

Just someone who managed to defeat a server of weak resistance and likes to brag about it :wink: