Official #6435 looking for new players :D!

Hello everyone, im here today becuase i want new players to join this server, the server is not old it only has 55/56 yeras old, the server has been cleaned of toxic people by us but now the server is in peace time between the 5 or 6 clans, we would really like new players to join, we will give a good head start kit so you guys can level up faster and have resources to build your first base, we will give you a 2 or 3 week peace time so you guys can grow without any problems, we want pvp, we want raids and we want to have some fun. i’d like you all to join, you are all welcomed :)! Toxic people will be wiped in a flash :)! wait for all of you, peace <3!

Sounds like these 5 or 6 clans better shake things up amongst themselves. Who would voluntarily walk into a situation where they have to fight 5 clans at once?


I can’t play since I’m from the USA, but I checked it out as a curiosity, just to confirm my suspicions.

And, of course, there’s a gigantic tier 3 base that has landclaimed and walled off the entire top right island. That’s all I really needed to see. The single most toxic thing in this game besides exploiters are the 30 man alliances of people too afraid to fight eachother, so they instead just build and build for months till they get bored and wait for people to come so they can raid their sandstone shacks using “b-but they were toxic!” as an excuse for the 30v1 ■■■■■■■■.

Go fight eachother, noobs.

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Ok, so u want PVP but there is already 5-6 clans on the server? Why just not fight eachother?

I guess u need an alliance like because if some good team come you should have a chance protecting yourself.

I dont think this recrutement tryout will work, sorry (:slight_smile:

no my friend, not 5 clans at once, the 5 or 6 clans that remains on the server we are on peace time between ea other for now to grow more so the game is more intensive in pvp you know what i mean :D?

those guys you are talking about got raided by us because they where pretty much toxic and i belive surrounding the whole island is against the games rules …

we don’t fight them because we can raid them to easy… we are not like that you know we want to have fun with people the same lvl as us u.u

Ah, fair enough then. Still, you aught to just be raiding eachother, its a daunting task to log into a completely stale server where nobody is fighting. If all your clans were online every day fighting eachother it would keep the playercount up as well, ensuring more people will login naturally.

the bad thing is that they all are new players… so am i but not my friends… so i learned fast … they are trying to grow fast building a good base getting thralls sometimes i meet with them to do some fun pvp so i can teach them what i know but at the same time we all can learn more, im trying to teach everyone when they ask me, but we want more player on the server so they can learn more and we can learn even more and have fun with raids and pvp thats all i think you all guys missunderstood me ;(

Ah okay, then yeah it was a misunderstanding. Hopefully some fresh players come to your server and you guys can play a bit.

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