Community discord


I’ve been setting up a community discord for Conan Exiles. The idea is for people to:

Find private servers that are well admined
Meet other players and clans
Find patch updates and other Conan news
Easily find tutorials for all aspects of the game (maps, base building, pvp etc)
Promote your content (YouTube, Twitch, Art, Private servers)

If you want to help building a big community, come join us at: Conan Exiles Community

Bumping up! :slight_smile:

There already is one.

Are you advertising your discord in my thread? We are not sharing the same goals with our discords. Should be room for both. :slight_smile:

He’s not advertising, he’s pointing out that a Discord community has already existed for several years for those who might not be aware.

Your server is fine and can exist at the same time, but if you wanted to be honest about it and not treat this as a rivalry, then you would be open about one already existing and explain what yours does differently.

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Hi Tephra, first of all I was not aware of this discord when making this post. And the major difference is in the first line in the original post: Find private servers that are well admined

It’s a real problem finding a good server/home to start your Conan adventure. Often you will either end up on a dead public server or toxic private servers where the admins don’t care much about their community.

My goal is to feature the well managed private servers, making it easier for people to find a place where they can truly enjoy the game without all the toxicity.

And in addition to this I’ve ofc set up resources, making it easier to find the tools you “need” to enjoy the game.

And who would be the judge of that?


Himself, apparently

Hi Narelle. That’s a good question. So far I’ve found 2 private servers that I enjoy playing at myself, which is the reason I started this community. As the list grows it will be impossible for me alone to check every private server, so it will be somewhat based on what the community think about these servers as well as already featured servers.

Thank you for posting about your community discord for Conan Exiles! I think this is a great idea, and I’m definitely interested in joining.