Conan Breaks my Internet, Server crash

Official server crashes, I try to re-log, ping 9999.

Checks my internet, serverlist. Internet is broken, DNS error. - Told my brother about this, he said: WHAT!!! that means the game exposes your ports. I have no idea what this mean, but he said it should’nt happen, ever.

Any geeks out there that know anything more?

The server crashed, it won’t be up again straight away, hence the ping 9999.

What serverlist did you check?

A DNS error is virtually always a problem on the user’s end (you), it’s highly unlikely to be caused by the CE client.

No it happens only on Conan and only when the server crashes. - It was down for over an hour, another DDOS?

Found a similar post on steam, no response.

Every single application accessing the internet requires a port. You were using port 443 to access this forum to post your complaint.

You can go block all the ports on your firewall. You might as well just unplug it and throw it in the garbage at that point.

Here are the ports required by CE:

The client crashing would not be related to firewall ports. The DNS error is a problem on your end with your network.

You can try:
-powercycling your firewall&modem
-from your pc, open cmdprompt and use ipconfig /flushdns

For the crashes, you can check your logs at:
\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs

For an official server crashing, you can only wait for it to come back up or let Funcom know at their Zendesk.

People so stubborn, kno it alls…

I Just got a new RIG, also Just got a new provider. - It happened before and it happens now again.

IT IS ONLY happening in CONAN and after the DDOS and server crashed.

Now I wait your reply…

Don’t ask then? Byeeeeeeeee.

How many games have you tested?

That might be your issue. Contact your ISP for help to make sure your settings are configured properly.

What makes you think someone would target the server you play on with a DDOS?

And really, if server crashes would make people lose their internet connection it would’ve been reported many times over the last few years.

Yeah because when the server crashes it needs to restart and load up all the bull$hit the players have build so far.

Maybe i wasn’t see trough in my reply.

I got the same Ping9999, dns error with old rig /old provider. Only conan,

And have the same now with new RIG and /new provider, only Conan.


Its just for maybe 5 seconds, but the cause is Conan or the launcher.

Try changing your DNS?
To change your DNS server on a Windows 10 computer, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Change Adapter Settings . Then right-click a connection and select Properties > IPv4 > Properties.

I use the Google DNS servers myself.

2022-02-20 12_41_37-Window

Also, as rigultru pointed out, clear your DNS cache.

Thanks for the help JJ, always used Google’s DNS yes. And like i said it is fixed in 5 seconds. - What im after is the cause, it is this cause that my brother said should never happen from a game. It is there I know little about what he means. Ima ask him more.

Shouldn’t happen, but still does and it’s not just a Conan thing. I regularly ran into this issue when playing World of Warships too. Refreshing the DNS and power cycling the router usually fixes it.


It’s not exposing anything to tell you we connect to Conan Servers through a Cloud intermediary. This intermediary system is similar to all others out there: when it receives too much garbage, it responds with a negative answer.

Some routers, for instance TP-Link, can be configured to reject these “non-acknowledgements.” All others will respond by “timing out” your connection for whatever their threshold is. For D-Link it’s 8 seconds. For Netgear it’s 5. [See W3C guidebook: Internet Protocol ACK/NACK]

Imagine the scenario: you are booted from the server for whatever reason. Instead of waiting for the server to reappear, you continue to try and connect to it. The Cloud Service might see this as threat behavior, and send this “Non-Acknowledgement” which will/may pause your router activity.

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I’ve played WOWS for 3 years never, ever happened.

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This makes sense. yeah.

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It’s probably something that was specific to my systems and the way I have my network set up.

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