Conan Exile EU PVE-C 1040 status Offline/Status?

Hello there,

Last night the server went offline. For me it was time to go to bed anyway.

However next morning. 8 hours later. It is still offline or at least doesn’t show up in the server list. I’ve been trying to see if I can get some info about what’s happening with the server but sadly I can’t find anything.

Is it online/offline. Gone forever? Just having a maintenace. Would be nice to have somekind of clue what is going on? Can anybody help me out?


Use this webpage to check out all server statuses, and probably he is not gone forever, i play on PVE 1301… and 1 time in week he is gone for 3-9 hours too :smiley:

Battlemetrics and alike sites don’t “work” anymore since last update , don’t know if it was intended or not , but you definitely haven’t looked for a while . Also to find your server in the server list I would suggest you to find it in the general list (internet + officials ) via ping sorting .


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