Conan Exiles API

Has anyone had any luck with a Conan API?

I found which lets you get some basic information, but it doesn’t really seem to work.

For Example:
To get the Server Status for a single server, you could use this endpoint:{IP}:{PORT}

IP is required, Port is not.
A valid IP Address for an Official Server that I play on (Official Server 1503) is:
I’ve tried this endpoint using the IP + Port, and also without the Port.
Both attempts I get: “error”: "Couldn’t connect to address."

Then I found
which looks a little more official… but requests an API Key, with no mention of how to obtain one.
Unless I have to purchase a private server in order to use an API Key? That doesn’t seem right.

Unless these APIs only work for Private servers and not official servers?
But that doesn’t seem right either.

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