Conan exiles dedicated server FPS issues

Hosting Conan on a dedicated server. With less than 20 players online we are at around 10-14 fps. Once we hit 25-30 it dips to 4-10fps. Conan server is not using a whole lot of resources from dedicated system, anyway to increase the amount of resources used??

Xeon CPU E3-1270 V2 @3.50GHZ (8CPUS),
System Memory: 16GB
Primary Drive: 120GB SSD
Bandwidth: Unmetered Gigabit
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 Standard

If you have FPS issues, that can’t be the servers fault. Your playing PC is resposible to render all graphics, etc.
That has nothing to do with the server.

Are you realy playing with 10-14 FPS?! Thats more a slideshow than fluent gameplay, to start with.

Dughor, i am HOSTING A SERVER. slaps forehead

Has anyone had problems hosting a Conan Server on a dedicated machine running Xeon Processors???

I am seeing 1-2 second dips in CPU utilization here and there that are causing tick and ping spikes in game. Trying to figure it out.