Dedicated server problem. Low FPS

Hi, I recently rented such a server. Windows Server 2016 standart, Xeon E3-1240v3 (4 cores, 3.40-3.80 GHz) / 32GB RAM / 1 x 480GB SSD. Internet 100 Mbps. But the FPS of the Conan dedicated server drops to 8-4 with 25 people on the server. The question is why? After all, there is a lot of power reserve. The processor is loaded by 8%, the RAM is 20-25%, the SSD is almost empty, only the operating system and the Conan server are installed.
Now the parameter ‘NetServerMaxTickRate=60’, before that it was by default 30. The parameter value does not give the desired effect, the FPS is still very low.
How can I configure the server to use the processor and memory at full capacity?
there are no mods.

[EU/RU] Coliseum PVPx3 [FRESH WIPE 10.09]

Is it staying that low, or just periodically dropping that low? On my Linux machine, ToggleDebugHUD was reporting single digit FPS periodically with even a few players online, but throwing the Saved directory into a tmpfs (ramdisk) partition fixed that.

I had assumed it was a problem I created by running the game on Linux (since it’s not officially supported), but your post is making me question that. :roll_eyes:

When the server is empty, FPS is quite high, sometimes even 40, but with each new person it decreases. For example, with 25 people online, it can be about 10, but sometimes there are failures and a decrease to 4. I still don’t know what the problem is.

I would like to try Linux, they say it is faster than windows, but I am not at all familiar with this OS and the Conan server has no direct compatibility.