Conan Exiles Pending Connection Failure

Me and my friend are trying to play in a Co/op world, but we can’t. When trying to invite my friend, they get the message, “Pending Connection Failure”. I also get this message when they invite me. I found out about Discord maybe causing problems for the game, so we tried exiting the game, and closing Discord. That didn’t work so we tried closing both Steam and Discord, but this did not fix anything. I would love to play this game with my friend in our own private world. How do i fix this?

Private server. Either rent one through Gportal, or make your own. Instructions for the latter are available online. Co-op is damned fidgety, unreliable, and generally not worth the effort. My friend & I struggled with co-op for several days, before I finally just gave up & threw some money at Gportal.

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