Conan Unconquered

New Funcom game releasing Q2 2019.

A Conan RTS? Eh… ok, that is… really surprising. Not that I dislike it (yet) but… for a universe with as much lore as Conan the Barbarian has I think a grand strategy / 4X game would have been the better option.
“Simple” RTS games lack the world building a little bit in my opinion (factory spamming), they are more of the pure competitive type. Right now I am playing Stellaris a lot and it’s really awesome, you got a strategy game that makes lots of use of lore in game and let’s you create your own lore in the empire creation.

Would have been really cool to have this in the Conan universe, just imagine playing as the Kingdom of Aquilonia and trying to expand your borders by attacking the picts to the west while diplomatic tensions rise in the east with Nemedia trying to take a chunk of your borders, Stygia becoming a threat to you too and so on… that would be really awesome.
Then again - creating such a game probably consists of far more work than a “simple” (not in a way that they are bad but they work with less complex mechanics though they are far more skill based in a sense of quick strategic action) RTS game.

Well, we will see how this works out for them. Maybe they become Ensemble Studios’ successor and make a RTS game that was as good as Age of Empires II? (I kind of doubt that but one may hope :wink: )


Force, I totally agree. I love playing grand strategy games (Stellaris is my favorite) and I think having one in Conan’s world would be totally awesome.

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Due note Funcom and all the news sites say this new game is most similar to They Are Billions:

which is really more of a Tower Defense game with some RTS elements.

I also think that in a real RTS game, story and lore can be very heavily and well used if done in a Singleplayer Campaign. Running through the Starcraft or Command and Conquer campaigns was a lot of fun, but I don’t think we will see anything of that sort with Conan Unconquered.

Yes that is true, the single player campaigns in RTS games can be great in story telling, I loved playing them in Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and so on, but I was referring to the single player and multiplayer “matches”, I really like roleplay but I have never seen people roleplay in AoE, it’s mostly pure competitive matches whereas games like Stellaris got their own RP discord communities and video series of RP multiplayer games on YouTube, the “dev clash” of Stellaris (developers playing against each other in weekly live streams) has gone so far that each empire got their own Twitter accounts where they post propaganda posters, advertisements, news and so on, that was what I meant but you are still right, the single player campaigns of most RTS games have really well made stories as well.

But hearing that the Conan game is going to be similar to a tower defense game… ugh… I never really liked these games though I haven’t tried any of the “modern ones” of this genre.

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Will Conan Unconquered be brought over to Xbox One after the PC release … does anyone know?