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Conan Unconquered is the latest game to take place a mythical setting from the American novelist Conan the Barbarian novel by Robert Ervin Howard. However, unlike previous games that often tended to experience tight guillotine, this part of the game is a real time survival strategy which is quite interesting in terms of ideas.

The game was developed by Petroglyph Games, formerly Westwood Studios, which has made success for classic real-time strategy games such as Dune II, Command & Conquer or Star Wars: Empire at War. For many 7x and 8x players, these are the names that have been associated with a childhood. Their most recent title is Forged Battalion and in the near future will be a two-part remaster playing Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert of the classic Command & Conquer game.

Despite the exciting experience, especially when playing co-op, Conan Unconquered still has some problems worth mentioning. The first is the “madam”, a game mechanics of the game where the data download screen refers to the idea that anything can burn, from construction to the wall or even your troops. can also be burned. In fact, I disregard the idea of ​​this gameplay because it’s quite good, designed in accordance with the survival factor in the game experience.

The problem is that your troops do not know how to put out the fire and it has existed since the game launched in late May 2019. Up to now, although there have been five or six updates released, the latest update at the time of writing, build 691236 version 11.43, has not yet solved this problem. Meanwhile, putting out the fire is quite troublesome if it spreads, so I often choose to demolish and rebuild it quickly instead of trying to put out the fire, which brings too much risk. It seems that the developer took this real life element too seriously.

The second problem relates to Conan Unconquered’s long data download time. Fortunately, this waiting time only happened before the battle. While developers also take advantage of this timeout to offer new gaming tips or guides to new players in the experience, not everyone is interested in this information, especially when you have gone through the line. Dozens of hours of playing solo or with friends. Meanwhile, the game experience is quite short and little content compared to the somewhat high price, probably because the cost of copyright is quite heavy. Deluxe version also does not have much value as expected.

Some other smaller issues such as annoying upgrade operations such as walls, requiring you to click on each array to upgrade, are easy to overlook and indirectly affect the defense. On the other hand, sometimes I get troubled with the AI’s navigation system, but fortunately it’s not as bad as to get mad like S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster when having to guide manually little by little. At least, the troops in Conan Unconquered know “going there, getting there” from point A to point B in most cases. Another “tiny” issue is that whenever the autosave game is interrupted for a few seconds, it is quite annoying to wait while “fighting”.
But this is a good game after all in 2019
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