ConanSandbox is an invalid map

Game mode: Online and Offline | Singleplayer
Problem: Whenever launching a existent save it just gets sent back to main menu after loading, and when a try to make a new one a popup says /Game/Maps/ConanSandbox/
ConanSandbox is an invalid map.
Region: Central Parts of USA

Ever since an update to Conan like yesterday every time i try to play an offline or co-op single player i’ll get to the difficulty menu then hit play and i’ll get a popup that says:

                        INVALID MAP
                    is an invalid map

is this like a thing multiple people are getting or just me i’ve tried clearing my xbox’s cache, Restarting it, taking the disk out and putting it back in, pretty much everything but unistalling it and reinstalling.
Which would me about 3-5 days wait with my 1.3MB/s - 200KB/s int speed ( <— The whole reason I play singleplayer anyway)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get new update
  2. Add extra unknown variable
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Welcome to our community.
Going to bring this up with our team to see what could be the cause for this error.

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