Connenction refused you can contact customer support here

the problem is i can’t connect to any server not even single player which is so odd. I have screen shot but apperantly for some reasons new users don’t allow to send files, so error is ( connenction refused you can contact customer support here ) . uninstall and install didn’t fix, verifying didn’t help either. in short i can’t connect to anything in game to play just main menu connection refused for playing single player :l and it was ok until yesterday afternoon then this happened in single player official and unofficial servers before that i could play just fine.


Are you logging from Iran?

yes like alwayse

Seems like a problem with the country and steam:

I am absolutely sure my steam is connected :l but what is the solution.?

i have the same problem, i use vpn and change my ip but it doesnt get fixed, i could connect on my other account but now i have this problem on both which is a very big dissapointment since i paied for everything that you can buy in this game and now i cant even play it on single player.
funcom you need to fix this problem its not because of filtering of steam because there are several steam games like dota2, csgo and cod warzone that we can play even without vpn, if you are banning us just say it so we know what is the problem or tend to it and let us know

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I don’t know why Iranian players have this issue but according to the above, the restrictions are not on Funcom’s end. They haven’t banned Iranian players.

well my friend is also from iran but he is playing perfectly with no vpn so problem is not filtering or steam. it’s kind of insulting to say be sure of your connection to steam i am playing online in steam in this very moment (dota 2) i really want to enjoy a game that i paid for with some DLC’s.
with the knowledge i have of funcom i am not even mentioning fatal errors and launcher loading forever and bugs and official servers lag i know it’s a lazy people working there who don’t care about customers but your game at least must be working at some point, so i am kindly asking to fix the problem at least we can play with bugs or give our money back :blush:


Are you using the same internet provider with your friend?

actually i gave my account to him so he can try and didn’t worked. one account works with same computer and internet another account is not working


this here is the reason why i suspect if iranian players are getting banned intentionaly or from some new system that came out in the chapter 2 because everything was fine before that

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and that is their support to iranians people, like people did them wrong, everyone just ban people. you are only damaging people. why banning and filtering people??

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please follow the stated on the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “ban appeal” as the issue type. Even if it’s not a ban/suspension, the “ban appeal” option will get your ticket to the right people who can assist you with account issues:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

Thanks for understanding. Have a great week! :slight_smile: