Consistent Crashing w/Dedicated Server


So for some reason, my dedicated server with mods and the Savage Wilds map is having persistent crashing, regardless of the mods I had installed. Previously, I was running Exiled Lands and Spitah before without any issues, but then suddenly started having crashing.

I originally thought that it was a mod, but removed half of my mods and continued to try and play on the server, but somewhat into playing it would just suddenly freeze everything in-game and then crash.

I’ve provided the latest logs for the server below, but I can’t seem to find anything prevalent that is causing any issues. Any insight would be appreciated.

Server Logs

ConanSandbox-backup-2023.07.17-04.30.04.log (1.4 MB)
ConanSandbox-backup-2023.07.17-05.51.06.log (1.3 MB)
ConanSandbox-backup-2023.07.17-09.23.52.log (2.2 MB)
ConanSandbox.log (1.1 MB)
ConanSandbox-backup-2023.07.16-22.02.20.log (1.4 MB)

I’m uncertain if you mean the server itself crashes, or your pc/game client crashes. If its the server crashing, what I would do is make a new server install folder, deploy it with the latest dedi launcher, then after that is known to be stable, copy over the necessary save files to restore the server. Could just be you need to be on the latest dedi server launcher.

I mean server, sorry. It’s ran on a dedicated bare metal server, using the AMP game panel so unfortunately transferring files over wouldn’t be possible. I can update it though and see if it needs an update, but I don’t think that’s the case.

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