CONTEST => Calling ALL Modders & Artists

That is also my personal preference. Though I’ve come to accept that it’s not necessarily the only “correct” interpretation of that deity, let alone the pseudo-deities present in the Exiled Lands.

edit: Sorry @Croms_Faithful, didn’t mean to offtopic your thread. I’ll edit in a submission later on to make up for it :wink:


Sorry Starwalker but you were given fair warning about this in the Original Post, which I can only assume you did not read:

This is a contest which delves into the hypothetical and examines our perceptions of Crom; that is why the entries are mods and artworks. Please discuss discord regarding whether or not Crom should have features in the allocated link or start your own thread.


It’s a very cool looking shield, but in my opinion, not for Crom, as this is kind of “too beautiful”. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t mind having that kind of design in the game, like a variation of the star metal shield, because it’s really pretty :wink:


Thankyou Mikey. I know I must seem like I am being a bit of a rigid old crank here. However, I dont want the participants to feel like they are being judged or ridiculed for entering, or they may just feel too uncomfortable or unwelcomed to do so.


I love the shield the most! We need a SM shield and putting that in a Croms Deity is a brilliant idea. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is why I think that any Crom related material should be a challenge, or something that makes it harder, not easier. Crom only came to Conan’s aid when he faced the impossible, to give Conan the opportunity to himself achieve the impossible. To me he is the god of the grudging grunt given as you reach the pinnacle of a deadly mountain, or standing atop a pile of defeated foes.

I will have to think on this…


My (quick) take on a Shield of Crom. Just for you @Croms_Faithful. It’s intentionally kept strictly utilitarian except for Crom’s Anvil.


This is good premise.
Had a think over my dinner break:

Crom's Might

Two-handed Hammer
It seems; whith each successive hit on opponents, that the hammer is gaining mass, becoming more unwieldy and slow to swing. Only those truely mighty enough to weild the increasingly heavy hammer may make use of its growing damage.
(resets after a miss, or the full animation set has finished. Swinging get considerably slower with each hit but damage noticeably increases)

Targe of Fortitude

This shield blocks no damage, yet any clashing blow to meet this targe will also damage the opponent. Those with higher fortitude that an apponent may endure through the pain untill the other party falls from their own blows.
(75% of an attacking force is reflected onto the opponent, though 100% is passed through to the user)

Not sure how balanced those would be in game, but they’re plausible perhaps? Would love to hear peoples thoughts I love this thread already!


I like the hammer idea! Higher strength could mean you could swing it faster, if that’s a good enough idea.
And the shield could be interesting, though I never really use a shield.
And I used the Axe and Sword for Crom’s weapons because it’s what Conan used in the opening cinematic.

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Meh....My contribution. Replacement Kiln, maybe? Finally a suitable place to make Obsidian Bars within the comforts of home. Superior Star Metal Bar crafting with reduced cost.


What is that?



Very nice!


Some time ago I was researching my own endeavor on creating things specific to Khitai lore, and I stumbled upon a historian which researched the various ways the peoples of antiquity forged Steel. My own research was focused on East Asian civilizations, however, there were some information on how those differed from the other civilizations. For that, the professor then went on about some of the metallurgy techniques of the indo-european peoples.

Seeing that the Cimmerians are named by Howard as the ancestors of the proto-Indo-Europeans, Crom is related to steel forging, and for the distance of those civilizations, they had some unique ways of forging steel, ie, while Asian Steel was worked by processes of carburizing and decarburizing, the steel in europe was hardened by using different methods of carburizing it, and the process of working pig iron, rather than the timing of introducing it, which had its roots in the fact that Europeans used steel forging intermediaries and Asians did not.

It would be interesting then if you have instead of a “Shrine”, an “Anvil of Crom”, its priest might be a Smith, and it might be a craft station for a fine Steel. Like for example the “fabled” Noric Steel.


Wow sounds fun. I’ll try my best, I really really do love drawing conan stuff. I’m gonna start drawing right away.


I spent a whole day drawing and lost everything D:, im gonna go find a hole to drop dead in now :((


Was it digital?

Thanks for calling me to this contest @Croms_Faithful. :relaxed: I’m an extremely slow traditional artist, I’m gonna have to seriously see if I can get inspiration and originality for this, as Conan’s canon lore is not my forte, although I am quite interested in it. ( The movies are how I got introduced to this world). Also, ladies are my favourite drawing subject. :yum:

Hum, would you say something akin to Valeria’s armour would be too out of canon? After all, she is meant to be at Crom’s side. Maybe I could take some initial inspiration for that, since it’s has a soft spot in my childhood memories. :thinking:


TwoJay I love it! It is simple, strong and enigmatic like the Cimmerians themselves. Tell me…what would you offer up for ‘Manifestations of Zeal’? I personally would lean towards either baby animals (as Conan has done in the lore), or Weathered Skulls (remains of our crushed enemies, and they dont even need a special tool to extract; just a good old fashioned axe!).


Thanks for your support and interest Gavinrad, I am excited to see what the community comes up with too! You flatter me sir.

PS- I am going to get back to ALL OF YOU, I just need time to get through them. Hang in there ok peoples.