Corrupted perks

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Simply wish to know how to do this cannot find appropriate information about this if anyone would be kind enough to tell me or provide a informative link to a website with the information that would be greatly appreciated.

I have Googled it, oddly enough I cannot find it on a wiki or even reddit, not sure it its my internet service being stupid or what.

Again greatly appreciate anyone who can help me out, I would like to learn how to do this if it is still possible to do so.

There is a spreadsheet here:

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This guide will explain everything, and it shows a picture of exactly where to look on your Attributes screen when you’re ready to corrupt your perks.


While the wiki that was previously posted here will absolutely get the job done with basic information, I created a fleshed-out guide to Corruption including each of the Perks and their actual usefulness (all my opinion but based off tons of experience).

You can find it here:


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