Coup de Grace Legendary Truncheon Killing Thralls

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]
Hardware: [PS4 Pro]

Bug Description:

The Legendary Coup de Grace truncheon with Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting is killing hostile NPCs when their torpor is reduced to 0 instead of knocking them unconscious when used by a thrall.

Expected Behavior:

The hostile NPC should be rendered unconscious when their torpor is at 0 while still have health points remaining.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Acquire legendary truncheon Coup de Grace
  2. Put an Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting on Coup de Grace
  3. Put the Coup de Grace on a tamed fighter thrall
  4. Order the tamed fighter thrall to attack a hostile NPC
  5. The NPC dies when his/her torpor reduces to 0 instead of being knocked out

Pretty sure it is supposed to kill thralls.

I mean it’s in the name after all. Coup de Grace
coup de grâce

[ˌko͞o də ˈɡräs]


  1. a final blow or shot given to kill a wounded person or animal.

“he administered the coup de grâce with a knife”

From the Wiki

  • It can be used to knock out enemies.
  • Instantly kills knocked out thralls.
    Using this truncheon on unworthy foes will not simply knock them out but crack their skulls in the process.

Any way basically it will kill any thral under t3 but will knock out thrals T3 and higher


I see, the ones I tries to knock out were named thralls though, so it just supposed to kill every thrall?

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Safer to use the truncheon yourself instead of getting a thrall to knock out targets.

It’s killing t1’s, 2’s and 3’s for me atm. Have not tried it on a t4 yet.

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It’s designed to kill the unworthy. If the potential thrall isn’t a named T4 (so a T1, T2 or T3), it will cave their skull in, killing them in the process. If they are a named T4, it’ll behave like a regular truncheon and knock them out.


Tried in a surge a couple days ago and it knocked out T4’s just fine. That was with me using it, not a thrall. Will test it wielded by a thrall at some point if no one beats me to it.

Worked fine to knock out T4’s when used by a thrall as well. Seems to be working as intended at least on official servers as that’s where I tested.

OP may of been trying to ‘recruit’ lower level generic npc’s instead of T4’s.

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I use coup on a thrall and it works fine, however, I have noticed that A LOT of the T4 thralls that are Named do not present as yellow bar T4 thralls.

I’m new so can’t upload the image I have of her.

Olivya the Hammer is a named T4 Black Cosair Blacksmith. She is one of the A, B, C variants that will spawn if you go to single player and use the admin panel to spawn in thralls. Even though she is named, and T4, because she is not a yellow bar, coup kills her.

I typed in “4” into the search box for thralls and just started spawning a bunch of the ones listed. A LOT of the “T4” thralls do not present as yellow bar T4’s. I actually just signed up to see if this was a bug or intended, though I rarely see funcom devs reply to anything here.

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