Cpu spikes causing system to overheat

So I found out my pc shut off because the cpu overheated in the spot corrupted the save. Why is the cpu suddenly jumping to 99% usage and overheating in some parts of the game? Is there anything I can do in settings to change this

Hello @VeepMeep, could you please share additional details regarding your system specs, GPU drivers, in-game settings and which parts of the game caused this spike in the system’s temperature?

This appears to be pretty common. Happened to myself as well. My system didn’t crash from overheating, but my HWiNFO showed my CPU hitting 92C during play. Happens primarily during the “chase” or “escape” scenes, as the CPU jumps to 100% usage. I can post my system specs later, but this absolutely happened to me and others as well.

Edit: By the way, some mitigations that appear to work to appease is to change the Priority of the game to Below so that other programs take CPU precedence. Also, changing the Affinity of which cores of your CPU the game is allowed to run on. I allowed the game to run on 4 of the 8 cores of my i7-3770 (with OBS on a core all to itself), and that seemed to be enough to stop any overheating.

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Turning down the Resolution Scaling option slightly can help as well.