PC overheating and noisie

Hello there,i have some issues with the game.

I’ve been waiting to buy my fresh new PC to play the game so i’m kinda disapointed,

Here is the config: Windows 10 home
AMD ryzen 5 2600X six-core processor 3.60 GHz
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060
The game is on the SSD

My pc is getting pretty hot et noisie while playing this game,and this is the only game…i’m playing lots of differents games with max settings without any problem and as i said,the PC is fresh new.

Here are some questions i have that could maybe help to solve:

I’m running the game on DX 11 client,but my PC has DX12 as written in the Nvidia control pannel, could it comes from that?

I’ve install the game into the “program” file instead of “program(x86)” file,does it matters?the game is a 32 bit program and windows normaly put the 32 bits programs into program(x86) file and the 64 bits program into the “program” file

My Screen is actually a 22" 60 HZ with the 1080p and HDMI (yeah i know…but i’ll change it very,very soon like next few weeks),does it matters?

Any suggestions?
Thank’s you,and sorry for my poor english,i am not english at all^^

I’m not going to answer any of those questions because I have no idea if any of this matters (genuinely have no idea) but since you mentioned max settings: if you did put the visual effects to 4/full, it’s a bad thing to do so.

Actually,the game has settings at 3 everywhere,(basic settings since i didn’t try to touch anything before coming here)
All of theses are off and i don’t even know what each of theses are doing
Anti-Aliasing is off
Montion blur is off
SSAO is off

Is there any overclocking going on? Are you using the stock fan the cpu came with? Do you have any other fans installed in the pc itself?

I would run the game and play a bit and then pull up the task manager to see what the CPU useage is looking like. If you havent overclocked it personally, your cpu looks like it is one that may have a form of auto overclocking going on, which you can change in the windows power area.

I think this is probably a heavy cpu game as most Funcom games tend to be that.

I don’t know about Overclocking and i don’t know how to know :sweat_smile:
There are actually 5 fans that i can see for sure
-3 Fans in the front of the PC
-1 behind,
-1 in the middle(probably processor’s),and 1 with the GPU

I actually turned ON v-synch this game in Nvidia control pannel,since my screen is a 60 hz anyways,things got way less noisies
@Belit-Seri do you know about my questions?thoses things i wonder,thanks anyways

If your CPU/APU is running hot due to single-core performance issues having more than 5 fans spinning at maximum will get noisy.

Ok,so,i called the shop where i bought the computer:
-there isn’t any overclocking on
-there is a total of 8 Fans(3 in front,1 behind,1 in the center,and 3 with the graphic card)
The guy told me that,this is not normal considering the price and the quality of my setup that a game like secret world cause this,but he also told me that my graphic card is abble to take a very heavy heat without any problem so i shouldn’t care too much