Computer very loud (and sometimes overheating) during gameplay


I’m not sure what’s wrong here, exactly, but I’ve tried a lot of fixes and nothing seems to work. I have a Nvidia 970M, decent computer specs otherwise (16 GB RAM, computer’s from 2015; I can run, for instance, most modern games at max setting but not in 4K). I should be able to run this game at max settings or at least decent, though I really don’t care about graphics quality.

I just want to be able to play the game. But every time I launch and get into the gameplay, my computer starts getting incredibly hot (temps approaching and sometimes hitting 94c, max for this card). I’ve overheated my computer at least twice trying to get the game running properly and troubleshooting. Even when it seems to be running fairly okay, it’s so immensely loud I wouldn’t want to play the game for fear of overheating and just generally getting a headache from the noise levels.

Things I’ve tried:

  • rolling back drivers
  • fiddling with graphics settings (trying highest, trying lowest)
  • windowed mode, windowed borderless, trying different resolutions
  • downloading a custom nvidia profile and applying it to this game, fan made, supposed to help with optimization
  • tweaking various settings in my Nvidia control panel
  • compatibility mode (windows 7, windows 8; tried both)
  • windows gaming mode
  • running in directx 9

The moment I alt-tab from the game and select any kind of different window/program, though, my computer quiets and cools straight down, so I know it’s something to do with the SWL program. Again - the issue is nothing to do with performance, it’s just the temperatures.

That’s mostly it; I’ve tried assorted “fixes” I’ve found online, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Is this just SWL or other games as well?

If it’s other games as well and you have not cleaned your computer since 2015, then you might want to open it up and try using a puffer or the compressed air cans they sell in computer stores to clean out any dust, particularly on the fans of the graphics card. Dust insulates surprisingly well, and this may cause a lot of heat buildup when you’re working the card hard, which would really only be when you’re gaming.

Just be careful if you’re using compressed air. It is possible to blow the traces right off a circuit board if you’re not.

I do notice my computer does spin up the fans occasionally when I’m playing SWL - there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason when (no particular areas etc.)

You might want to try and limit FPS depending on your monitor refresh rate. Nvidia Control Panel should have the option in program-specific tab for Vertical Synchronisation. You can set it to On or Adaptive and see which works better or if it helps at all.

I clean my computer frequently (and I’ve replaced the thermal paste several times, as well), haha. I’ve certainly cleaned it many, many times since 2015.

It’s no other games, just SWL. It pretty much keeps my fans on full blast - not sure if it’s an optimization issue or if it’s due entirely to the temps. But when I do check the temperatures, they’re always approaching critical if I’ve had SWL running for even a few minutes without alt-tabbing away.

I’ll try to limit the FPS; the VSync is on for most all games, but I’m not really having any tearing, just the overheating and noise issue.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll give the FPS limiter a shot next.

Still no dice, I’m afraid.