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Conan appears to be overheating my GPU, i have gtx1080 with i79700k, 32gb ram 2666mhz and i can run any other game and have bench marked my gpu. Conan will let me to play for about an hour then proceed to black both my screens and lock the computer until temps come back down,and repeat ever 10 minutes following.So I then moved Conan to a m.2 and still same issues today. I have 800 hours on the same pc, nothing has changed besides the game anyone else having these issues?

I’m going to regret this, but I’ll just quickly weigh in. It’s not the game. The game is showing symptoms of a computer problem. I don’t care that “other games are fine.”

If your GPU is overheating, you should be clueing in on that and not immediately pointing fingers at (insert game here.)

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I have similar specs and I have no such issues.

If temps are going bad maybe clean your PC/repaste the components that overheat/get better cooling.

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:, I have similar GPU and similar problems but I dealt with it. Conan Exiles, like many other games (Witcher 3, AC Odyssey, ARK, Control, Vampyr, Outward), continuously heat the computer up (on too high graphics settings). But it does not turn off by itself, only overheats.
:memo: Note: I do not use additional cooling.

I have been monitoring temperatures :face_with_thermometer: on my PC for years, during the summer the temperatures are always higher. This is normal, at least in my region.

  • During this period, I usually change the settings in these games to lower ones.
    • In Conan Exiles, I had to change the high-ultra graphics settings to low-medium. The temperature is high, but it has stopped rather than rising continuously.
      • Avoid The Isle of Dawn on Siptah as well, the game heats up a lot there.
      • I also learned to limit the number of buildings pieces / placeables / companions (and avoid neighbors who know no limits) in the game - too much is not healthy for the PC.
    • Some games are just poorly optimized. In the Outward game, I only had to change one setting to keep the game from overheating the GPU. Turn off V-sync.
      • Many LEGO games had a similar problem.
        • I can only assume that the reason why the developers did not renew the license to sell games (now you can’t buy them) was the overheating and critical restart of the PC.
        • The problem only appeared in the newer hardware at the time.
        • If you have a problem with these games, just disable V-sync.
  • I also try not to play at noon, but early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature outside is lower.
  • In fact, I clean my computer more often during the summer. Although I prefer to clean it in winter.

In one year, the computer shut down all the time and the power supply unit turned out to be a problem.

  • The computer did shut down after an hour of play.
    • It was only happening with better looking games.
    • I checked the voltage in the plugs, it was insufficient.
    • In addition, the computer case was energized. :cloud_with_lightning:
      • As a result, the computer did not turn on immediately after the restart.
    • After replacing a power supply unit, everything was fine.
      • Although the rest of the hardware also suffered :sneezing_face:, and I had to replace almost all parts over the next year.

:memo: Note: And yes, cleaning :bath: the PC is extremely important. Such as: location of the computer in the room, distance from the window, wall and furniture; the region of the world you live in; type of case.

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