233 hours of gameplay and suddenly Conan is trying to fry my PC

Having sudden problems with Conan Exiles running my GPU hot and running my GPU at 100%. This is after a total of 233 hours of gameplay. I was playing last night with no problems but today my GPU is cooking. Tried lowering graphics, drivers update, re-install Conan Exiles, tear down and cleaning my PC. Still having problems. So, I tried running other games (World of Warplanes, World of Tanks, BattleTech, and Fallout: NV) but I had no problems and they are all running at normal average GPU usage for each game. I keep track of that stuff because I am a streamer. Here is my PC specs.

Windows 10 x64 bit op, i7 7500 CPU, 16 gig Ram, Radeon R7 M445 GPU, HDD drive.

Think there was something about not using ssd somewhere

Well I’m using an HDD.

This game is known for being hard on GPUs. I had to back off on my overclock, which performed well on all stress tests I performed, because I kept getting BSD. Not sure if more will be done to address this issue in the future.

Where abouts is that info?
I ask because I’m running it off ssd and my PC had been shutting down the instant I was logging into the server. Everything was new 2 years ago except the power supply. My CPU was running at 91 deg.
Finally yesterday my PC wouldn’t start up.
I eventually found the problem was my 9 year old power supply. A fan clean and new paste on the CPU got it back where it should be.
I’m wondering if the ssd installation caused any of this now.
In saying that this game still hogs all my resources.

after some more testing and work, it seems like server issue

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