Unable to play because of overheating

This game causes my computer to jump to 80 degrees celsius when i try to run it, not while its patching, but after it enters fullscreen mode. It used to run fine when my computer was new, then it started to spike in certain areas such as the cistern/sewer in old tarantia, the level 36ish solo dungeon. Now it jumps to 80 degrees celsius on the login screen, before i even enter my password.
Here are my laptop specs:
OS: Windows 10
processor: i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHZ, 2808 Mhz 4 cores, 8 logical processors
memory: 8 GB free ram
graphics: nvidia geforce GTX 1060
directx runtime version 12

You need a better cooling solution

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Have you tried blowing out the dust from your computer?
As time passes, dust often accumulates in laptops, clogging the fans and blocking airflow.

i’m sure dust is a problem but i wonder if anything else can be done with the game to make it less demanding on my computer, something that would be changed with a patch

No there isn’t. Laptops aren’t made for gaming in mind. Specially prolonged. If you can upgrade to a desktop in the future would be ideal.

What you can do since its summer, is to clean your laptop like ppl suggested. Blow dust out and clean fans, if you are techy enough open and change thermal paste.

Second thing is get one of those laptop cooling pads. Examples:

Third thing you can do is use third party software to limit the FPS on your VGA to 65. Examples:


With those specs AoC by itself should really not be generating much heat tbh, even on a laptop.

But software wise you can cap your FPS (Rivatuner RTSS is my choice), reduce CPU/GPU clocks and/or lower settings within the game.
Also maybe play around with fan speeds (the default fan profile might be tailored for low noise rather than max performance).

Mind you, 80c is completely fine for a CPU or GPU core but in a laptop the surrounding components might not like it (depends how they designed it).

  1. Where do you measure your PC temperature?
  2. Have you considered moving to northern Norway or Lapland?
  3. Take everything apart, reapply thermal paste, blow dust out, reassemble everything back in order.
  4. Use cooling pads for notebooks (fans with a radiator used as a pad under the notebook).


My friend your computer barely meets the minimum requirements to even run this game. If it’s a laptop you should invest in a cooling pad for it. That might help keep your laptop a few degrees cooler while it’s running. it’s not the games fault your system is overheating your system just isn’t that good even by 2008 standards.

Have you considered upgrading?

You should look up what the specs for running this game actually are. His system is fine.


Sounds like you need to check to make sure your CPU fan is functioning properly.

Truth is this game is very badly optimized. It literally melted hardware back in the days and does very barely utilize progress in hardware since then. Especially gpu does matter very little to your experience. For cpu its mostly your single core performance/clock rate that matters. Both lack of GPU benefits and no multicore support is against trends in modern games and architectures. An engine revamp would be nice since a 10+ old game should not stress modern hardware at all…


now that i think about it my computer is prolly just really dirty. Any moderator go ahead and delete this thread.

the game runs fine… Fix your garage pc. that is all

yeye we get it you got a good pc

Ontopic, cleaning a laptop does wonders, try that :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how you expect this player to “clean” their laptop. At the risk of sounding condescending. OP has come to funcom forums to troubleshoot overheating issues with his/her laptop instead of the forum for their laptop manufacturer.

I doubt they have the technical expertise required to fully clean a laptop that is likely internally encased in dust.

To OP, Blow it out with a can of air duster and invest in a cheap cooling pad on amazon, I have a laptop for going on 4 years and it still works like the first day. Cooling pads work. Just make sure its got good reviews.

you answered your own question below

you can also follow a guide on youtube on how to open your specific laptop, follow the step closely and its easy peasy to clean it out internally :smiley:

Screws and latches are complex mechanisms, need a degree and 8 years experience before they’ll even let you crack the case open.

what if I tell you I can run this game on max settings with pretty much same components lol

Running the game max settings at 480p doesn’t count!

Realistically, yeah, that laptop should be able to run the game ok. Also, 80C doesn’t seem like it is too hot to cause problems yet. Many laptops just run hot too, some just under the thermal threshold.